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Boy Scout Eagle Projects

We have had several Eagle Scout projects to improve the Mound. 

This is Jason Perez   Jason built & installed 4 Eastern Bluebird boxes on the West side of the Mound.  We expect bluebirds to start checking out the boxes and nesting soon.

If you are interested in an Eagle Scout project that could help the Mound, please contact us.

Summit Club of Flower Mound

The Summit Club of Flower Mound is a service organization that regularly makes donations to the The Flower Mound.  They also are responsible for putting up and taking down the crosses for the Easter Sunrise Service on the Mound.

Flower Mound Nature

Flower Mound Nature is a Facebook page to celebrate, inform and share stories and pictures about Flower Mound and surrounding area’s natural wildlife, habitats and nature related issues. To include pictures of your favorite local settings around town. Flower Mound, being located between two lakes, cross timbers region and a little slice of blackland prairie makes it a place with a diverse collection of flora, fauna and habitats.